What Does Federated Mean?


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The word federated is mainly used as the term federation, which refers to a union comprising of many partly self-governing states or areas which are united by a central government.

Generally in a federation, the self-governing standing of the component states is characteristically entrenched and may not be changed by a unilateral decision of the central government. The kind of government or constitutional structure instituted in a federation is recognized as federalism. It can also be described as the reverse form of another system, which is the unitary state.

Federations generally are multi-ethnic which cover a huge area of territory, however neither is essentially the case. Federations commonly use the paradox of being an amalgamation of states, whilst still being states in themselves. Federations are commonly established on an unique agreement in between the number of sovereign states.
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The word federated is a political concept that means being united under the rule of a central government or authority. It is an association, or better still union, of states or independent territories which come together and form a nation in which they recognise the right of the federal or central government to hold the reigns of power.

In federated countries administrative powers are divided between the centre and the constituent states. The country of Malaysia was once known as "The Federated Malay States". Other countries that are modelled under the federated form of government are the United States, Canada and Mexico in North America, Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina in South America, Australia in Oceania, India, Pakistan, Iraq, the UAE and Russia in Asia, Ethiopia and Sudan in Eastern Africa and Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria in Europe.

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