What does it mean by "phenomenon inherent"?


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The term is not widely used and so it is not clear whether it has an actual meaning; even the Internet has no details about this term. If you have heard it used, the best ways to find out its meaning are to either ask the person about it (if possible) or think about the context it was used in and ask someone in that field.

For example, if you heard it on a TV show regarding science, ask someone who is in the know about scientific terms to see if they have heard of it. Even if they haven't, a small piece of knowledge on a subject can be enough to make an educated guess.

If we break down the two words and look at their individual meanings it could help give you an idea of what it could mean given the context you have heard it in.

  • Phenomenon
Phenomenon is a word used to describe an unusual or significant event or occurrence.

  • Inherent
Inherent basically means existing as an integral part of something. Usually it would be used prior to the word it is describing so inherent phenomenon would be a more likely term however this too isn't commonly used.

Using these two definitions it may be possible for you to come to a fairly close definition using your additional knowledge on the context it was used in.

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