If you are a male, what would your girl name be? If you are a female, what would be your guy name? My name is Maxine so my guy name would be Maxell.


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Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered
My parents had it all planned for me to be "Marion", then I turned out to be horribly male so that put the kaibosh on that.
I do not think there is a female version of Raymond in Western Culture, but Raimundi - which is from the same root, is actually a female name in some parts of the middle East (Lebanon and Palestine, particularly)
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Ray Ottewell
Ray Ottewell commented
From now on you will be known as Maid Marion Ray.
Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
I think that JOHN WAYNE, the US Westerns actor, was also christened 'Marion'. It's a good job nobody knew, it might have ruined his career in movies.
Tony Newcastle
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There isn't a female version of Raymond, that's true enough. That's because females do not generally make good Skywalkers.
Daisy Ryann Profile
Daisy Ryann answered
My birth is weird. My mom was sort of floozy back then. My dad admitted to me like last year that during the pregnancy she wasn't sure who's guy it was. It was either Jerome Jerzak's or my dad, Kaleb Ryann. She told my dad (Kaleb) that it was his and for a guy they picked out Morgan Oliver Ryann for a guy and for a girl June Daisy Ryann. And then she forewarned Jerome it could have been his and they choose Xavier Lewis Jerzak (thank GOD I was not named that one) and if I were a girl I would have been named Noah Manhattan Jerzak ((this is where I got the name for Nicholas Manhattan for Addison St.Francis =-) )) but I was born June-Daisy Penelope Ryann (Penelope was later added throughout the pregnancy because my mom's sister, Penn (Penelope) died of cancer that year (I sort of used the idea of the cancer imposed death with Lane's mom) so yeah. I guess if I were to be a boy after all of that confusion I would be named Morgan Oliver Ryann.
P.s What's sort of funny is that I dated Jerome Jerzak's son like last year, haha!
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Maxine Chan
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Eww, incest.
Daisy Ryann
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Ummm nope..? Jerome Jerzak isn't my father in any way shape or form. So I'm not related to his son at all. Lol.
Lexi Profile
Lexi answered
The boy version of my name is alex=)
Cornelia Belknap Profile

I would be Cornelius.

Tony Newcastle Profile
Tony Newcastle answered
I don't want to sound like a bit of a pl*nker, but surely if your name is Maxine, I believe that the male equivalent would be either: Max, Maximo. Maxwell, or Maximilian. --Am I right, then?
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Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson commented
Tony's right... Maxell is maxwell with a missing "w"...
Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
What happened to the "w", then??
--Perhaps it got clobbered and squashed by that nasty silver hammer which he keeps hidden, heh?? :)-
I have never come across 'Maxell', but that of course doesn't mean it can't exist.
However, Maxell IS the name of a Japanese Media Company!! ----Then again, what boy would want to be named after a Japanese Media Company..?? -------
Maxine Chan
Maxine Chan commented
Haha idk i had a crush on a guy named maxell in middle school.

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