What Does Fever Mean?


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Fever is defined as a sharp rise in body temperature and is always above the normal body temperature of 98.6°F (37°C). It is generally a symptom of some sort of illness. It is also called pyrexia or a febrile response from febris a Latin word which means fever.

Fever is distinct from hypothermia where the body's temperature rises over the body's thermoregulatory set-point because in fever the thermoregulatory set point is only elevated temporarily.

A person who is feverish may also experience shivering, weakness, increased heart rate and a cold sensation. There are many kinds of fever a few are viral, typhoid, malarial, hay, scarlet, dengue and yellow fever.

Saturday Night Fever was also an immensely popular movie starring John Travolta. There is also a novel by the writer Robin Cook with the same name published in 1982. It is a medical mystery.

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