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There are a few dictionary definitions of the word exercise. The first one is the one many people think of when they hear the word: Exercise equals physical activity. This is deliberate activity and physical movements that are designed to make the body stronger and fitter, with the intention of keeping healthy. Regular exercise is vital for both physical and mental wellbeing, and is promoted vigorously in an attempt to reduce obesity and ensure a longer and healthier life span. Regular physical exercise has also been described as a way of keeping some, often life threatening, diseases at bay

Exercise also means the deployment of a series of actions that are practised regularly in order to improve a skill. When the word is used in this instance, it is often used in the plural, for example, finger exercises for pianists.

Again used in the plural form, the word exercise is often used at school, or other places of education. Students will do set written exercises as a way of learning, and for the educator to assess comprehension of the subject.

Military manoeuvres are often described as going on an exercise. They are used to simulate combat conditions for training purposes, and to test out equipment to ensure that it is working properly.

The word exercise is also used to describe an intended action or activity that has a particular outcome. For example, people are often heard to say, ‘The object of the exercise is....’

It is also a term that can be used to describe carrying out an action; for example, ‘We advise that you exercise extreme caution when carrying out this task.’

The word exercise can be a transitive or intransitive verb, or a noun, and comes from the French ‘exercice’ and from the Latin ‘exercitium’ and ‘exercitus’.
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Exercise usually means repetitive performance to improve or maintain overall health.  Exercise can be broken down into four categories: (a) aerobics which strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation and lung capacity such as walking, jogging, and swimming; (b) resistance training that strengthens the bones, joints, and skeletal muscles such as weightlifting; (c) flexibility exercise that stretches the muscles and joints to prevent injury from intense workouts such as yoga and; (d) coordination exercise that improves balance and prevents falls as well as injuries from falls such as some gymnastic exercises like the balance beam and pommel horse.  In addition, exercise improves mental fitness in which the person works hard in order to achieve goals, improves social skills by working with other people, promotes restful sleep, and increases lifespan by delaying the physical and mental effects of aging.  Exercise is most often performed as productive recreation.
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An exercise is a physical activity undertaken to improve the conditioning, fitness, strenth, stamia and improved appearance of the body.
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Exercise means maintaining a healthy body which is very important for us to be away from different type of sickness.
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An exercise is a physical activity undertaken to improve the conditioning, fitness, strength, stamina and improved appearance of the body. In short, an activity undertaken to boost the health of the body is called as an exercise. Exercising helps in strengthening the immune system of the body, preventing the occurrence of diseases, retarding aging, promoting circulation, improving the mental tenacity, and strengthening the muscle tone of the body. Besides exercising induces peaceful sleep, enhances your beauty and increases the lifespan of the human-being.

Exercises can be broadly quantified into four distinct categories: aerobics (for increasing the blood circulation and strengthening the heart and lungs), weight training (lifting weights for strengthening muscles and joints), balance exercise (for increasing the stamina, balance and exercising the brain and sensory organs) and stretching exercises (stretching exercises, tai chi, Yoga for keeping the body disease free and keeping the mind and body alert). The word can be used as a noun as well as a verb.

As a verb "exercise" can also mean "to put into action", for example: "the angry customer exercised his rights by approaching the consumer dispute forum." The noun form of the word can also mean a set of questions to be done at the end of a chapter or a program that includes presentations and speeches to be given in front of an audience.
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