What Does Drama Mean?


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Drama literally means a performance in front of an audience.

It can mean a play with actors performing in front of an audience, and it can also mean someone online or in a public place such as school, who is acting out their feelings in a manner that is not appropriate to the situation.
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Drama stems from the Greek word drān which means 'to perform'. Later, it was adapted by Latin as drāma, drāmat. DRama is a noun. It is a story, especially a serious one written as a prose or verse. The characters of the story are represented by actors and perform it with dialogue and action. The serious programs that are played on television, radio, or cinema are also referred to as drama. In the example, Elizabethan drama; the drama is referred to as play of the times of Elizabeth. Thus, theatrical play of a certain time or period is also called drama.

The art of writing dramatic works is called 'drama'. When a situation or series of events in real life have a dramatic effect on one's emotions, it is called drama. Example: the drama of their separation and reunion. When someone is being dramatic or overreacting to a situation it is also called drama. For example: a party full of drama.
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drama means where someone may put on a show for someone else or pretend to be someone else. Hope this helped
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Drama means the performance of an actor or actress on a stage
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Drama means to Entertain everyone. There are a lot of drama series which entertain the peoples a lot like My Name is Earl tv show is very comedy drama.

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