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vb is object based and is object oriented.In ,oops concept is used.

1) is object oriented.

2) supports exception handling.

3) is strongly typed.

4) VB. net supports multithreading.

5) now has console applications

* object based language

* does not support inheritance

* does not support for disconnected architechture

* no interoperability function

* no support for threading

* no powerful exceptional handling mechanism

* does not support console based applications
* cannot use more than one version of com objects,this is dll error*
does not support threadingVB.NET:
* object oriented language
* supports inheritance
supports disconnected data architechture
* it supports interoperability
* uses managed code* supports threading* provides access to third party controls like com,dcom* powerful exceptional handling* having support for the console based applications* more than one version of dll is supported is fully object orientated,high security,used in mobile application.
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1. Vb is opps based, But dotnet is Completely supported for oops
2. In dot net we can develop console applications, web applications, mobile apps, smart device apps, But this was not possible in vb.
3. Lot of Advanced controls available in
4. In vb, only recordset concepts ( connection methods) are available, ex. DAO, ADO, RDO methods. But in dotnet Database) method is also availble.
5. Cross language integration, Cross language Debugging and cross langauge inheritance is also possible in

These are the main differences i know. Other than this there are lot of differences between vb and
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*Both are greatly changed in runtime environment. VB uses VB runtime while uses
*VB was interpreter based language while is a complied language
*VB was not a type-safe language while VB is a type-safe language.
* has much enhanced oops support than VB
*VB doesn't allow developing the multithreaded applications while does
*VB is only for desktop applications while is to develop web applications ,distributed applications
*VB used ASP to build web applications. VB.NET uses ASP.NET to build web applications
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VB .Net- 1. It has oops concept .
2.It has inheritence and multitherading .
3.It's compiler is CLR who provides IDE environment and cross language interroperability.
4.It's compiler (CLR)  is more times powerfull than vb compiler.

VB- 1.Itdoesn't have oops concept.
2.It is also a plateform where  we perform some specific task.
3.VB compiler doesn't have interoperbility (CL),CTS, CLS etc.
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