What does heading means?


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The word 'heading' in English can have slightly differing meanings, but in general orient around the same vague definition:

Firstly, a 'heading' can refer to:

  • a title

This is usually something at the top or opening of a piece of literature that summarises the content. It is usually short, for example between 1-10 words. An example for this could be an article about a terrible snow storm in Britain, with the heading "Britain's worst Blizzard since 1942." It is short and concise and provides a short summary/synopsis for what we are about to read.

However, heading can also be:

  • A verb denoting the intention of a specific direction

For example, if one would say "she is heading to Scotland later," This would simply mean that (she) is going to Scotland. To head somewhere is to have a specific destination in mind and move towards it.

I hope this answers your question.

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