What Does Cheated Of Feature By Dissembling Nature Mean?


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"Cheated of feature by dissembling nature" is a quote by Shakespeare. These were his words used to portray Richard III. Richard III is a negative character in a play by Shakespeare and this line is found in a small poetic description about him at the start of the play. These lines once more bring to our focus, the master language and its usage by Shakespeare. Richard III is one of several plays that begin by a soliloquy by its title character.

This introductory speech gives a good insight about the character and his motives. Richard III is said to have physical deformities and the lines Cheated by feature by dissembling nature are his words to describe himself and his condition. Richard III is a very enigmatic character and is portrayed beautifully by Shakespeare who captures the character in its essence and puts it a fantastic manner that is unique to him.

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