What Is Cibola?


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Cibola is the name of a mythical land. It is supposedly one of the seven cities of gold sought by the Spanish explorers in North America. It exists only in myths and legends. It originated during 1150 when Merida, Spain was captured by the Moors. The folk lore says that seven bishops fled from the city to save their lives and the sacred religious relics from the Muslims.

Then it continues that these bishops found the cities of Cibola and Quivara in a place unknown to people at that time. These cities were very rich and filled with gold and precious stones which triggered of many expeditions to get these treasures over the centuries. It is believed that these cities became rich to an extent where each one of these bishops had a city of their own which was made of gold. This myth drew a lot of explorers and invaders and survived until the time of the Spanish explorers.

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