Who is natividad marquez?


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This person was a Mexican general who led an army during the revolution in 1930; this war hero was brave and intense in battle, but he died at a young age. Today, this general is the subject of many legends in Mexico, and his deeds are studied in history classes. Although there isn't a lot of information about Natividad Marquez on search engines in English, there is plenty of information about this military figure on Spanish-language websites, blogs, online forums, and Internet authority sites.

  • How to learn more

To find out more about Mexican history around the turn of the century, find some good Mexican history books from that era. If you speak English, you should still be able to find English language textbooks about the history of Mexico; if you speak Spanish, or live in Mexico, you'll find it even easier. Some older relatives may have war stories that their fathers or grandfathers taught them, so, if you're of Mexican descent, be sure to ask your relatives for information about this famous personage, and all of his activities during the revolution.

  • Learn historical background

If you're studying this person for school or planning to research him for a paper or project (or just because you're interested), it may help to get more historical background about this time period in Mexico. By reading up on history and learning more about the times Marquez lived in, you'll be able to imagine the sights and sounds of battle, as well as the cities and towns where soldiers and horses roamed.

Mexico has a unique culture and it's great fun to learn about it, so indulge yourself and find out all you can about Natividad Marquez and his daring deeds. Although he died young, he clearly left an epic impact on Mexican history.

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