What Does Common Law Mean?


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This law system is originated from England many years ago. It is implemented in the latest advance economies of the country such as United States and Britain the roots of the common law is based on the old fashioned customs and old rules. So this law is based on the experiments of the history which was carried by the former rulers of the country. Those which are very successful to that time are now included to the common law. These laws were implemented in the courts in the old times and they were made as the custom laws which were continue to practice later.

When the judges and lawyers implement this law they argue their point with these characteristics of this law and can make references of it where it is necessary. So this law is more reliable than the other forms of law. The judges are allowed to precede this law and this is commonly practice in the English nations. So each case in the history is saved for the references of the future and the decisions are based on these references. As any new situation comes the law is amended and altered according to the situation. So this law has many advantages.
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Common law is a law that originated and urbanized in England. It is a law that is based purely on court decisions, on the doctrines implied in those decisions, and on society. It is not based on codified written laws. It forms a main section of the law to all the countries that have a history of British territories and colonies.

The basic principles of common law are Statutes and Codification. Statutes, is the process in English common law that is usually tacit of early existing case law and custom.

Codification is a process where a law is approved with the purpose of restating the common law position. It is generally done with the help of a single document instead of creating new offences. This is done so that the common law moves in the direction of the purpose.
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