Explain what slippery slope and its relationship to gratuities in detail using examples?


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This question refers to the discussion of whether an officer or policeman should accept gratuities or other free offerings for their help. For example, an officer that helps a coffee shop may be offered a free cup of coffee, but is it morally acceptable to accept that free coffee? In general, many consider that accepting gratuities as a police officer means that officer is on the slippery slope. 

Slippery slope is a slang term meaning thin edge. Basically, it would mean someone is standing on the edge of the line between good and bad, and it could mean a police officer willing to accept freebies would be more likely to turn to the bad side of that line rather than staying on the good side. 

Gratuities can come in many forms such as free stuff like coffee, flowers, or other items given for a job well done. Most people who offer such things to a police officer do so because they feel gratitude for how the police officer helped.

There have also been times when police officers are offered money for a job well done. The problem is that free things or even money can mean the person is looking to bring the cop to their side for something in the future. Cops have been known to accept bribes and look the other way. Not all cops are like this, but the concept of slippery slope and gratuities certainly gives rise to the thought that cops given gratuity would turn against the law because of the benefits they are given or at least they would be more likely to. 

This is why any cop found taking gratuities of any sort can find themselves out of a job or at least reprimanded in their file.

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