What Is Abc Model Of Attitude? Explain In Details And With Example


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• ABC model of attitudes is affect, behavior and cognition. Affect refers to the way a consumer feels about an attitude object. Behavior involves the person intention to do something regard to an attitude object an intention does not always result in an actual behavior. Cognitive refers to the beliefs a consumer has about an attitude object.

• The model emphasizes the interrelationship among knowing, feeling and doing. Consumer’s attitude towards a product cannot be determined by simply identifying their beliefs about it. Example, a researcher may find that shoppers “know” a particular camcorder has an 8:1 power zoom lens, auto focus and flying erased head, but such finding do not indicate whether they feel these attributes are good, bad , or irrelevant, or whether they would actually buy the camcorder.

• All three components of an attitude are important, but their relative importance will vary depending on a consumer’s level of motivation with regard to the attitude object, whether they are light or heavy users, and so on.
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The ABC model refers to affect, behaviour and cognition. This means; how a person feels about an object; what they intend to do about it; and what they believe about the object. It is usually used to explain consumer attitudes towards objects for consumption. You can find a detailed discussion of the topic here.

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