What Is The Symbol For "Integrity"?


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The symbol for integrity depends on what kind of symbol you are looking for. Two reliable sources for finding symbols are the internet and books. You need to define if the type of symbol before searching, so are you looking for a symbol that is Celtic, astrological, Japanese, Chinese, animal, or religious? Otherwise, there is no single answer to your question.

Japanese-symbol.org is a good source for symbols and allows you to see other Japanese writing and convert words to and from English.

Whatsyoursign.com is a site that has a huge list of symbols in different types to choose from. The author of the site also has a blog to follow as well as contact details if you are still unsure as to what you are looking for or want to confirm you have found the answer.

Symbolism has always been used and is everywhere in daily life. Traditional symbols such as integrity are often integrated into tattoo designs. Maybe try asking several tattoo artists or shops to see what they suggest as symbolism is a huge part of customer requirements.

Symbolism is also used in literature so if there are no books that help you in a library, you may seek help from a literature professional or just by asking what else the library has to offer. It was first incorporated into literature in the late nineteenth century by French and Russian poetry.

As graphics and advertising are so important to this century and our current way of life, symbols are used constantly, and if not purely, at least as derived versions.
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Symbol for integrity
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Do you mean "integrity" the automotive brand or the word.?

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