What Do I Do If My Combat Arms Says "CD3D_Shell::Build Device List GetDeviceCaps Failed"?


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This sounds like it may well be a graphics card failure. If you have an old driver or they are outdated you may see the above message.

  • Change graphics card

You will most likely have to change out the graphics card and install new drivers to keep up with the game. If you know you have a top of the line card and all driver updates, then you may have to look for another cause.

  • Remove untrusted 'friends'
It could also be that a "friend" is messing with your account. You should remove those you do not trust from your account and see if you are being exploited any more. This has worked for a few of the individuals who have this same error. They found a "friend" on their list was messing with them on the messenger using an exploit point. Unfortunately you cannot trust everyone online. This means if you have befriended those you do not really know they could be causing an issue.

  • Error on patch
You may also find that it is an error from a patch that was sent out by the company. Some have found that the latest patch does not work with their driver or the updates. They have also found that it destroyed the driver because the patch had a significant error in it.

You may have to reinstall the game and ignore the latest patch in order to avoid this error message and the crash that results. If you have an onboard video card you might want to check out motherboard, ASUS, gigabytes or MSI for video card drivers as these can also be issues.

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