How Would You Describe An Intelligent Person?


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Wow.  We are all going to have different answers.  An intelligent person is one who needs to know, not just how to do it, but why we do it and what makes it work.  An intelligent person will ask many questions and seek various answers.  Their mind is always working.  But you need to understand that intelligence, I think, comes in many different forms.  We are all intelligent in different aspect in life.
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An intelligent person is not only academically developed but is also a person who goes further in the question.They don't only solve the question but can explain it in different ways.
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Anonymous answered
One who listens
one who does not judge others
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Katrina Taylor answered
Some who is intelligent is someone who succeeds in their own culture. This does not necessarily mean they are academic or earn a lot of money. However academia could be their chosen field or the area in which they 'succeed'. In say an Australian Aboriginal culture it would be something completely different i.e. Knowledge of nature and their environment. Intelligence is not defined to one specific thing. It determines how well their brain works to accomplish tasks and moreover, tasks that are viewed highly in their society.

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