What Are The Classification Of Human Voice?


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There are a number of different ways of classifying the human voice. The most simple of all is the division between male and female voices, but most forms of voice classification are much more diverse and complicated.

The best known way of classifying voices is dividing them into voice types. To determine what type of voice a person has, a number of other factors are considered. These include voice range, which can be simply explained as the highest to lowest notes that you can reach. Voice texture or timbre are also considered - this is to do with which part of the full possible range is most used in a particular piece of music, or in which a particular voice sounds best.

These and other factors all go to determine voice type. This is a big subject as voice types can be further subdivided, but very broadly, there are male and female voice types. The female types are contralto, which is the lowest, mezzo-soprano and soprano, which is the highest. Then for male voices there are more recognised types: Bass is the lowest, then there is baritone, tenor and the highest, which is countertenor. Children's voices fall into another category, which is usually called treble.

If you try singing a lot of different notes, going from low to high, you will notice that your voice changes as it tries to cope with the different sounds. This is known as changes in your voice register. Everyone has a voice type which is best or most comfortable in a particular register - on the simplest level, you can try a few songs and see whether you find it easiest to sing the high or the low notes. You can also try this out with a professional singing instructor who will give you exercise to find out your voice type. If you are interested in learning more about voice classification you can learn more about the main types here and also  try some tests to learn more about your own range and abilities.

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