What Is A Map?


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Hi mate, to start with, a map is a geographical representation of the earth, there are maps of different sizes and representations, in google maps you can see in detail what I am talking about and besides it has tools like Radius map tool that are too interactive and each one has a different function, I think it will make you know a little more about the subject and even know new things.

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A map is defined as a chart which depicts a place and is used for the purpose of navigation. It highlights the relationship between two or more objects within that place. A map is usually drawn to an appropriate scale. It is a two-dimensional chart which accurately depicts a three-dimensional space. It is a geometrically correct representation.

A map is basically a diagrammatic representation of the surface of the Earth, or any part thereof. In other words, it is the picture of a place drawn on a flat surface to a scale. Every geographic feature of the real world is represented using various symbols and colours to clearly differentiate one feature from another. The science and art of making maps is known as cartography. A collection of maps is known as an atlas. A person who makes maps is known as a cartographer. There are many types of maps. Each of these have different uses.
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A map is a piece of paper that tells you all kinds of directions to where you need to go

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