What Is Exactly Is A 'Sunny Disposition'?


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Someone With A Great Outlook On Life. They Trend To Be Happy All The Time And Look At Life As An Adventure.. Rather than A Challenge.
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G'day Coldplace,

Thank you for your question.

It means that the person is always happy.

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Keith Old
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That is good Mike
peter johnson
peter johnson commented
Si if you have a Happy Outlook --why call yourself SCROOGE??
It beggars belief that you would choose such a cumbersome lugubrious name,even if you were joking.
Layla Night
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All I know is that ... It's the opposite of me .....
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Hmm I've always thought a sunny disposition to be optimistic to see good in all and everyone and to make sure evreyones oakii and happy
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I don't really no but I think it is a bright something
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A happy and bright outlook on life.
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I always took it to mean someone who is really easygoing, who doesn't let things upset them easily or change their outlook.
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Happy go lucky, cheerful, upbeat, the nicest people to have around if you ask me :)
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Ihab Marzouk answered
I think it means a personnality which is cheerful and happy, when a face seems to be exciting and smiling!
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Xenon Wise answered
A sunny disposition is being annoyingly happy all the time.
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How all of us should try to be. Looking for the positive in every situation, letting ourselves be happy as much as possible (it shows) & Seeing a bright outlook for things.
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This describes me...someone who is always happy and tries to see everything with a positive attitude.  I am this way until we start talking about freeloaders, slow drivers in the passing lane, pedophiles, and the government.
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Someone who gets up in the morning and is already in a good and happy mood.They go through the day with a big smile on thier face,are cheerful and helpful to everyone.
You just want to throttle them
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emma loveees youuu xo
Jack Mahon
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Hey M, don't tell me you wake up every morning with a smile on your face. That ain't a smile it's gas.
William Harkin
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Hi Jackyll.Don't Think for a minute that i have a smile on my face in the AM.It's very late into the PM,before i even think about smiling.Some times i don't even bother my ar backside.lol
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When all others are traveling the pathway of doom and gloom and can see no way out of the current dilemma, the person with a sunny disposition can see the light at the end of  the tunnel and follow it with a smile on his/her face.
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Jack Mahon
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Well Nanat, you don't have to be so happy about it. I believe that behind every silver lining there's a dark cloud.
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I'm really not sure, although when I was a young I heard my teacher tell my Mom that  "Jack was a bright kid."
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Jack Mahon
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You wait till I give you a thumbs. It's gonna be a thumbs up but it will be a physical one where the sun don't shine.
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People that are insanely happy all of the time. Irritating is a more fitting word if you ask me :)

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