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Curriculum is a Latin term that means "outline" - this word is often used in relation to resumes and educational syllabi. In general, the world curriculum is not abbreviated, unless it is part of a curriculum vitae - which is sometimes called a CV. However, just because a curriculum is known as "C" in this one case doesn't mean the word curriculum should always be abbreviated as "C"; in fact, this would be incorrect. In the case of the curriculum vitae, the term CV is an acronym, rather than a true abbreviation.

  • Learning about abbreviations

Sometimes, the very best way to learn about abbreviations is just to read a lot. After all novels, magazines, and blogs are loaded with common and uncommon abbreviations of words. However, the quickest way to check abbreviations for various words is to find a great dictionary - usually, the abbreviation for a word will be added to its definition and pronunciation explanations.

  • Study Latin?

In the case of Latin words and abbreviations, studying Latin would be helpful, but this sort of study is considered quite esoteric these days. Latin is still used in literature all the time - Harry Potter novels are one example; the spells muttered (or shouted) in Harry Potter books and films are all derived from Latin words, but these spells use full words, rather than abbreviations of Latin. In the films, Hermione (played by the lovely actress Emma Watson) uses cut-glass diction to say her spells and rescue her fellow characters. Of course, now and then, she gets rescued as well...

Grammar, syntax, and abbreviations will all be easier to understand when a person has proper training in English studies. At school, English is taught from the early grades onward, and basic rules are supplemented with reading aloud, poetry, book reports, and essay writing.

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