What Is The Difference Between Dusk And Twilight?


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Twilight is usually associated with evening time and this is why there is some confusion about dusk and twilight. Some people will say that the sun has set and so it is twilight, others will say that the sun has set and so it is dusk. Technically both are right (possibly).
In reality twilight can actually be either morning or evening, but it is the light which is in the sky when the sun is below the horizon, both as the sun rises and the sun sets.
Dusk is a period (again both in the morning and at night) when twilight is at its gloomiest, in other words at its darkest stage before light appears (morning) or the sky goes fully dark (evening).
Usually we talk about dusk and twilight as being in the evening, since for many people, particularly in the summer months, they do not see the sun rise, only the setting of the sun.
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1. It will vary by time of year and your geographic location as to the specific time frame each day. But generally, dusk comes AFTER twilight and is the darker stage of twilight before the sun's light no longer provides any direct illumination to the area in question.

2. Dusk is when the sun has set. Twilight is the light in the sky, even though the sun has set. During dusk, there is twilight.

3. Dusk is just before dawn (6 am ish) and Twilight is just before dark (7-8pm ish?)

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Dusk is sundown(passing the horizon),while twilight is late in the evening(late at night when the sun's light is blocked/bounced off the moons surface.) when you can see the stars supposedly before the dawn hours . This is my story and I am sticking to it.

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