What Does Rns In Texting Mean?


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Rns has many meanings - in text speak, though, it means 'right now soon'.

  • However, while texting it to your friend it may also mean 'really neat stuff'. Internet slang has become so common that it is difficult to find youngsters who will not know about all these colloquialisms. Their world is full of U4E which means 'yours forever' and ROFL which means 'rolling on the floor laughing'.
  • In this world of internet speak, informal chat has arguably become too common. However, people don't have time to put the full spelling of a word. Hence, there are many slang abbreviations which have come up. This is used not only online, but while sending messages on cell phones.
  • Youngsters sometimes use slang speak so that older generations will not understand what they are talking about. They also feel proud that they have invented a new language and a new way of speaking. However, due to these informalities, they are sometimes losing their touch with proper English. You will find many youngsters who make spelling mistakes. Text speak, arguably, is polluting English language in a way.
  • Rns can also mean 'Registered Nurses'. Some of the other full forms could be Royal Numismatic Society, Regulatory News Service and Reactive Nitrogen Species. There are many other applications for Rns too, such as 'rally for a new society' (frequently used by politicians on their blogs to motivate and influence youngsters to join them). Rns may also mean 'research needs statements', if you are a scientist or a professor.
  • Rns also means 'reference number section' or 'respiratory nursing society' or 'repetitive nerve stimulation'. It is also used for medicines like Ranosoft. If you are in aeronautics it may mean 'Radar Navigation Set'. For engineers, it may mean 'Refit Notification Signal', while for doctors it may mean 'Rabid Neurosis'. It's also an airport code of France called Rennes - St Jacques.

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