Explain The Three Types Of Conflict: Task Conflict, Relationship Conflict, And Process Conflict?


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The word conflict means a disagreement or a clash between principles or ideas and can occur in many different situations and occasions and on many different levels. For example a conflict could arise over something as trivial as what to have for dinner, or the word could be used to describe a war.

A task is a piece of work that has been assigned to somebody to complete, or a duty that someone is expected to fulfill, and is often laborious or difficult. A task conflict could mean that the person expected to complete the task is unhappy with what they have to do; or it could mean that completing a task conflicts with something else that needs to be done and so cannot be completed.

Relationship conflicts are something that the vast majority of people know something about. The relationship can be absolutely anything, such as a couple; parent and child, siblings or any other family relationship, or it could be a friendship relationship or a working relationship. Any conflict in these circumstances can fall into either the trivial category or become almost like a war!

A process is a series of actions that produce change and have a definite outcome. Any conflict here could lead to the process being upset and can have a variety of consequences, such as the process being delayed, the objectives changed, or even not completed.

All instances of conflict need the participation of the different parties that are involved to work towards a solution that is acceptable to all. In some instances, outside agencies are needed to help the process. On some occasions, even with help, some conflicts cannot be resolved, such as those that occur in marriages that end in divorce.

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