Define And Differentiate Motivators From Hygiene Factors?


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Frederick Herzberg's theory of motivational factors and hygiene factors come from his book - Motivation to Work.

In this theory, he shows two factors that keep workers happy or content in their jobs. These are motivational factors, which are internal thoughts and feelings of the employee that keep them motivated in their role. These are seen by Frederick Herzberg as consisting of:

  • Achievement
  • Recognition
  • Work itself
  • Responsibility
  • Promotion     
  • Growth
These are seen as being the main factors for job satisfaction. Without these factors or positive feelings towards these factors, the employee will be discontent and unhappy with their job.

Frederick Herzberg claims that these motivational factors have to be there for job satisfaction and that you cannot have full job satisfaction with hygiene factors alone. These hygiene factors are said to remove general job dissatisfaction but are not able to give job satisfaction on their own. These hygiene factors consist of:
  • Pay and benefits
  • Company policy and administration
  • Relationships with co workers
  • Physical environment
  • Supervision
  • Job security
  • Status
  • Salary
  • Working conditions
  • Personal life
These are said to increase the likelihood of job satisfaction but not be the reason for it. Frederick Herzberg claims that hygiene factors can be positive for job satisfaction and can also help to lower employee turnover and retain staff members employed at a company for longer. It is good for a company to increase their involvement to keep these hygiene factors but the motivational factors are said to be the highest influence in retaining staff and keeping workers happy.

These are mainly thoughts and feelings by the employee as to how well they feel they are doing. Although these are thoughts and feelings of the employee, employers can help by showing recognition and giving promotions, where due. These factors will influence the thoughts and feelings of the employee and their motivation will be higher as a result.

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