Differentiate Between Compiler And Interpreter.


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An interpreter is a translator of high level language program.The function of these translator is to convert high level program into machine code.These translators translate one instruction at a time.A Compiler is a translator which is used to translate the whole source of a program at a time.
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Difference Between compiler and interpreter:
A program which translates a high level language program into a machine language program is called compiler.
A program written by a programmer in a high level language is called source program.
After this source program has been converted into machine language by compiler it is referred to as an object program.
An interpreter is a program which translates one statement of a high language program into machine code and executes it.
In this way it precedes further the all statement of the program are translated and executed.
On the other hand, a compiler goes through the entire high level language program once or twice and then translates the entire program into machine codes.
As compare to compiler interpreter is the smaller program.
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A Compiler compiles all the source code at once and executes. An Interpreter interprets line by line, one line at a time and executes that line.
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A compiler is a program which takes something written in a higher level language, usually called source code, and translates it into a lower level language, usually called object code. Early pascal compilers and Java both take code written in the respective language and translate them into code which is not human readable but which is then run by an interpreter.

An interpreter is a program which takes something written in a programing language and then runs it by executing a series of machine instructions, which are clearly defined for each word or token in the language.
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Differentiate between Compiler and Interpreter.

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A compiler takes all the codes and executes, whereas, an interpreter executes the codes line by line.
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Interpreter is someone who mediates between speakers of different languages while compiler is a person who compiles information (as for reference purposes).

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