What Does Egg Coagultion Mean?


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The term Coagulation means the conversion of a semi-liquid to a gel state. The process of Coagulation occurs in the stuff which is rich in proteins because shape of the globular polypeptide molecules is changed when protein is heated. The same phenomena also happens in eggs and it is known as egg Coagulation.

Egg is a protein and when egg is exposed to heat then the proteins of egg which are in the liquid form are converted in a gel like form and this is known as egg Coagulation. The water content of egg is reduced because the formation of the three dimensional protein molecules result in trapping water content. When egg Coagulation is carried out, it start showing the characteristics of solid. Egg Coagulation takes place at 63°C for a few minutes.

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Coagulation is a process of forming a blood clot to prevent excessive blood loss from a ruptured vessel. When a blood vessel is ruptured, it leads to the formation of elongated, sticky fibers called fibrin. These make a lattice which traps the blood cells and the platelets. The latticework soon contracts to form an elastic clot that can resist the blood flow. Coagulation or blood clot helps in stopping hemorrhage and repairs the blood vessel.

In a normal healthy individual, coagulation can take place within 20 seconds of the injury to the blood vessel causing harm to the endothelial cells.(the single layer of flat cells which lines the inside of body cavities). In other words, the change of blood state from liquid to solid is called as coagulation. Whenever a solid mass is separated from liquid, it is said to be coagulated. For example, the casein in milk is curdled (read coagulated) by adding citric acid or acetic acid.

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