What Is The Tagalog Of Baking Powder?


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The translation of the "baking powder" from English into Tagalog is "pampaalsa".

The Tagalog language is the first language used by roughly one third of the population in the Philippines. This equates to around 25 million people. It is also the second language used by most of the other two thirds of the country, roughly around 60 million people. The majority of the 90 million citizens in the Philippines speak Tagalog.

The history of the language itself is relatively shrouded in mystery. However it is believed that the Tagalog people who first created the language came from Visayas and Mindano areas of the Philippines.

The name Tagalog spawned from the word "tagailog" with "taga" translating to "native of" and the "ilog" meaning "the river". The word altogether translates to "river dweller".

The language of Tagalog is closely related to the other language spoken in the Philippines, Filipino. The language of Filipino is considered to be a standardized version of the Tagalog language, and it is also the other national language of the country.

Tagalog is spoken in some of the following areas:
  • Philippines
  • California
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada
  • Alaska

Aside from the Philippines, Tagalog is not regarded as a majority language in any of the other areas.

The language stakes its origins within the Austronesian language family. This means that it is related to other language within this bracket, including Javanese, Hawaiian and Malay. Nevertheless, each language is individually established and they are not the same.

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