How To Speak In English?


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Well it is not easy.  I'm learning to speak English now.  My spelling and tenses are still horrible but I'm getting there.  I started to speak to people that are english and every day they teach me different words.  The speaking comes easy the problem is to read and write it.  There is so many words that sounds and looks the same, but I must say since I'm on blurtit, my spelling improved a lot because I've met some great friend that helps me if I don't know something or know what the words mean.  Try it and see if it will work for you.  I'm writing faster and faster by the day, but I still have to think about the words and repeat it in my head to make sure that it sound right if you know what I mean
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Well I don't speak any other languages other than English fluently, but we can chat back and forth in our shout boxes and I will help with spelling and phrasing when I can.
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Anime Rocks answered Are one of the websites you can try looking for translation. First if I would like to translate you, Wich country do you come from? English is the most fulent language to speak in. So firstly we start with the common words the english version will be shown first then other languages shown second, if your not this language then just comment and then I will edit. Hello-Ciao,Konichiwa,Hola,Auhio. Goodbye-Ciao,Motoashta, Hasta lavista are the common greetings.
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Hi, You want to speak English. Nowadays there are so many institutes available for spoken English course. So you can search through the internet, your nearer institutes and visit them otherwise you visit The English Lingua,which is a Delhi’s premier academy for teaching communicative languages.  Really I got benefitted by this.Thanks a lot.

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Yeah I heard it was a difficult language if you're foreign to it. But I cant speak for that, Its the only language I speak. Comes naturally! I have never attempted to learn a foreign language yet.
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Unless algebra counts... im starting to think it should.
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Once you manage to gain enough knowledge, you'll be confident to speak. At least, that's how it worked for me. Also, you need to listen to some podcasts or watch videos in your target language so you'd understand the natives. As for me, working with a native speaker helped me a lot, and I just used this page to find the best course for me, and I'm sure that teacher will help you with speaking.

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