What Is The English Word For ' KANKHAJURA'?


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KANKHAJURA is often referred to a millipede or centipede in English. It is a member of the class of arthropod phylum known for having long segmented bodies and jointed appendages. The bad part is they have a poisonous bite.

So how do you prevent KHANKAJURA from biting you? Here are some practical tips on how to go about it:

• Keep areas clean

These animals strive in dirty surroundings and also under woods and stones. They usually go out during the night when they feed but stay asleep during the day. It's important that you regularly check your firewood for KHANKAJURA especially when they're all piled up. If you have stones around the house, get rid of them or move them every now and then.

• Avoid sleeping on the floor

Many people experience having these creeping crawlies getting into their ears. It's because they don't sleep on their bed. This case is very common especially in slum areas where people are fond of sleeping on the floor with only a mat to cover the floor or none at all. This makes people more prone to KHANKAJURA.

• Keep your surroundings dry

Aside from ensuring you stay in a clean place you also need to make sure you keep everything dry around you. Avoid damp places and always throw your garbage properly. Dead plants must be removed since these animals find them an ideal place to live in.

KHANKAJURA is very dangerous since they bite and has poison. It's important that you follow the tips mentioned above if you want to avoid them. In case you get bitten by this creature, don't panic. It can be treated. Apply first aid by washing the affected area with soap and water. If in pain, apply hot compress and rush to the nearest animal bite centre in your area.

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