Where You Can Find The Translated Bara Of Takeshi Matsu All The Manga?


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The best website I have found for the translated Bara of Takeshi Matsu is a blog called Bara 101. This is a blog that features a lot of bara manga which has been translated for you to read. You can find the blog by clicking here.

If you want some other sites which feature translated versions of the Bara of Takeshi Matsu then have a look below at some more links:

  • Great sites to find translated manga especially of the Bara variety is forums. The best forum so far I have found that features quite a bit of the Takeshi Matsu comics is this one called nihonomaru, which you can view by clicking here.
  • Another good forum which has a thread dedicated to Takeshi Matsu comic is the bara forum which also features lots more translated bara. View this site by clicking here.
  • Bara manga
Bara manga is an adult Japanese series. Bara comics are translated as gay comics, and are based around homosexual encounters. These comics are of an adult nature and so should not be viewed by anyone under the legal age of your country. 

The Bara genre started in the 1960s with fetish magazines featuring homosexual art and content. It has been mainly popular in Japan and typically features very masculine men with muscled bodies and well built.
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If you want to find a ton of Takeshi Matsu mangas head over to forum.nihonomaru.com  A friend of mine has shared a lot, most of what's available out there for translated and raw Takeshi...I guarantee you'll be super psyched.  You'll have to sign up for an account there, but that's really easy.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck.

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