What Is The Meaning Of The Name Massari?


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Massari is an Arabic name meaning money. In fact it is the Arabic word for money.

The name Massari is most commonly associated with the Lebanese born hip-hop singer from Canada. The singer has even released an album with his name in 2005 which was well received all over Canada. His album, said to have deep middle eastern influences, is now catching on in other countries besides Canada.

Massari is also an Italian name which means bailiff. For Italians it is a common surname. Some famous actors and actresses with the name Massari are: Lea Massari, Roberto Massari
John Massari, Gabriella Massari, Sylvia Massari, Steffano Massari and several others.

A slight modification of Massari in Persian is Mazhari which is a very common last name for Iranians.

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