What Are The Roles Of The Following Classes In Latin America: Peninsulares, Creoles, Mestizos, Native People And Slaves?


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Peninsular: These people were Spanish born or from mainland Spain. During the colonial times, these people had connections with the crown and they used to perform jobs like Audencia judges, audencia presidents and viceroys. These people usually have large amounts of land and they also have a monopoly on the trade. In the colonial times, in some case, they also played the role of agents of patrol to keep the Spanish or Portuguese power safe. They are considered to be at the top level in society.

Creoles: During colonial times, these were the people who were Spanish speaking and were born in the New World. These people are at a lower rank than the peninsular. Creoles hold good positions in the government and also owned lands.

Mestizos were the people with one European and the other American parent. Most of the people in Latin America are from this caste. These people had limited economic and job opportunities. These people usually work as artists or sometimes as servants.

Natives: These people usually indulged in farming and cultivating crops etc.

Slaves: The blacks are the people who are usually forced to work as slaves and they are also imported mostly from African countries.

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