Who First Coined The Phrase 'Global Village?'


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Interestingly, the term 'global village' was referred to as early as 1960, in a work by Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980). His work was entitled 'Explorations in Communication' and in this work he argues that due to television and radio, when something 'big' happens, everyone in the world learns about it at the same time. Therefore he felt the boundaries of country and nations had disappeared or were disappearing and so we would all effectively be living intertwined with each other as part of one big 'global village'.
Since this concept was first proposed prior to the introduction of the internet, we can only surmise what McLuhan would have made of the 'world wide web' which spreads information on a global level at the click of a few buttons. Indeed, the phrase is usually taken to mean the technological advances made since the introduction of the internet, although the cocept pre-dates this communication revolution.
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