What Is The Full Form Of Osi Model?


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The OSI model stands for the Open Systems Interconnection and refers to the way that a communication system is sub-divided into smaller units, or what are known as layers. There are seven layers in this model; all the layers communicate with each other, perform a duty and pass on the information to the next level; rather like a worker on a factory production line.
The system of dividing a process into layers was seen as the first step towards international standardization of the protocols used in the various layers and was given that name because it deals with connecting open systems.

The layers both send and receive data and will move information up and down, depending on whether they are sending or receiving. The model is based on seven layers, these are.
  • The Application Layer.
This is the layer that interacts between the program and the network.
  • The Presentation Layer.
This layer deals with the appearance of the data should it differ from system to system or network to network.
  • The Session Layer
This involves the interaction between the receiving computers and the sending computers.
  • The Transport Layer.
This layer makes sure information transferred is dispatched and received properly.
  • The Network Layer.
As the name suggests, this layer deals with network issues and particularly the routing of data.
  • The Data Link Layer.
This is the most complicated layer, its responsibility is making sure all the data is compiled properly before sending.
  • The Physical Layer
This is the part of the process which transmits all that has been sent into physical data, which is then put on the network or media form.
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