What Are The Factors Affecting Perception?


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First of all, it is important that you understand exactly what perception is. It is only with a good understanding of the nature of perception that you can begin to understand what factors can affect and influence perception. Perception is generally defined as the act of becoming aware of something, whether that something is another person, an object, and abnormality or a threat. In order to perceive something, human beings use their senses - primarily sight and sound in today's world, but also smell, taste and touch. The act of perception allows us to recognize and understand new people, objects or environments, and also allows us to defend and protect ourselves from danger. Here are some of the factors that affect our perception of the world.

• Past experience

Past experience is a significant influence on our perception. For example, if you lived in a place where you saw a great deal of snakes, and you never came to any harm because of the snakes, then you would not perceive snakes as something to fear. On the other hand, if you lived in a place where snakes are rare, and your only experience of snakes was of the danger and threat seen in films and on television, then you may perceive snakes as a danger. Past experience can influence all aspects of our perception.

• Mental state

If a person is of a calm and "normal" (I use the term loosely, as defining "normal" in the realms of mental health is a difficult and highly disputed business) mental disposition, then their perception of an object or another person may be quite different to a person who is angry or frenzied, or who has been diagnosed with a mental illness. In fact, certain psychological theories use a person's perception of other things as a contributing factor in the diagnosis of mental illness itself - phobias, for example, are generally caused by "abnormal" perceptions of objects or situations, resulting in emotions such as fear and anxiety.

  • sight

  • sound

  • taste

  • touch
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