What Does Inflamed Lymph Nodes Mean?


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Human lymph node, about 600 ~ 700 clinical check-ups are generally only a variety of superficial lymph nodes. Healthy superficial lymph nodes is very small, diameter less than 1 cm, soft, smooth, easy to reach, no tenderness with the adjacent tissue adhesion.
Groups of superficial lymph nodes showed the distribution of each group to accept certain parts of the lymph nodes. Such as the ear and mastoid area lymph nodes receive lymph from the scalp; submandibular lymph node group to accept floor of the mouth, buccal mucosa, gum, etc. Lymph; Submental lymph nodes submental triangle group received the local bodies, the Ministry of lips and tongue lymph. Collection of deep cervical lymph node nasopharynx, larynx, trachea, thyroid, etc. Lymph; right supraclavicular lymph nodes to accept the trachea, pleura, lung lymph, etc.; left supraclavicular lymph nodes to accept the esophagus, stomach and other organs of the lymph. The upper torso, breast, chest wall and others are back into the axillary lymph nodes; lower extremities, perineum back into the inguinal lymph nodes. When the body is a site inflammation or cancer, the micro-organisms or cancer cells can spread along the lymphatic vessels, to reach the organs or lymph nodes of the Department, causing swollen lymph nodes, tenderness, and thus important for diagnosis of disease.

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