What's The Medical Term For Heartburn?


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That would be pyrosis. Not the nicest thing to have going on in your body. Hope this helps you out.
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There are a number of terms that describe heart burn.  Acid reflux.  Reflux gastritis.  Gastric reflux.  Chronic heartburn may be indicative of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).  Pyrosis may be used, but I will tell you that as a medical secretary, I have never typed or come across the word pyrosis.
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"Reflux gastritis" signifies that it is the stomach experiencing the inflammation, and that is not the case. Perhaps you were thinking of "reflux esophagitis". "Pyrosis" suggests a fever-causing condition. I have never seen or heard that word, either. I speak as a graduate of a four-year American medical school and an "M.D." after my name in real life.
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That's reflux esophagitis

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