A White Growth In Tongue, What Does It Mean?


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A white growth in or on the tongue can be one of a several things. To start with, it could simply be a small scar left from a small cut or accidental bite. This should eventually heal and disappear on its own.

Secondly, and most commonly, it could be a canker sore. These can appear following a viral infection or thrush, both caused by a growth of viruses and/ or bacteria. A vitamin or nutrient deficiency may also be to blame.

Viral infections can be treated with oral creams or other prescribed medication. Including natural yoghurt in one's diet is an extremely efficient treatment for thrush. Vitamin and/or nutrient supplements will easily deal with any deficiencies.

Another oral inflammation, namely oral lichen planus, causes white spots on the tongue. This inflammation may be the result of hepatitis B or C infections, food allergies, flu vaccines, arthritis, particular heart diseases or high blood pressure, as well as habitual biting of the tongue or cheeks.

Keeping high standards of one's oral hygiene by daily brushing the teeth and using a mouthwash helps to prevent/control this type of infection.

Underlying medical problems should be treated professionally and smoking should be avoided, as it can aggrovate the symptoms and make it more painiful.

A small split or leak in salivary glands could cause saliva to gather in small white air sacs under the skin, causing painful lumps. As a rule, the body will repair this naturally, but occasionally surgery is required in order to correct the problem.

A far more serious cause could be cancer of the tongue. It is therefore imperative that medical help is sought as soon as possible, especially if none of the above suggestions results in completely removing the problem, or if the problem keeps coming back.
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Were you on an antibiotic? I get that from taking erythromycin, its a yeast infection on the tongue. A doctor can prescribe something for it or there is some kind of pill that's found in yogurt that's over the counter,ask a pharmacist.
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White circle on tongue
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Many people have fungal infection on tongue and don't know it. Best to get scraper, and by this I mean, check with your pharmacist. They will have tongue scrappers you can use along with rinses
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It Could Posibly Be a Fungus In Your Tounge , You Should Probly Get It Checked . Or Try Rinsing Your Mouth With Peroxide .
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This is nothing to be seriously concerned, most likely because the tongue is fairly rough and plaque bacteria are breeding and building up on the surface of your tongue like plaque does on your teeth. Brush your teeth and tongue, use mouthwash ( yes anti-bacterial mouthwash) and better to have a checkup just to be on the safe side.

Gargle with salt water three times to four times daily. This might help to prevent growth of infection.

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