How To Make Promissory Notes For Late Tuition Fee Payment?


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If your school does not have an official document to use, you may want to go online to a legal template site.

  • Legal Templates
There are quite a few websites that offer you legal templates. It is better to use one of these sites specific to the USA, UK or whatever country you might live in. The reason you should use a legal document website is the accuracy of the document. The document will have the legal jargon and information mostly in the document that you require. The difficulty may be in finding a "promissory note" that is specific to tuition. The good news is you can modify the templates to say what it needs to, thus you can change out a few words and put in what the document is truly for.

  • Examine a Promissory Note
You may have a promissory note in your documents already if you have ever applied for and received student aid. Most student loans and student grants require that you sign a promissory note regarding the money given to you. By checking these documents, you can see how they are written and determine how to change it for a promissory note for late tuition fee payments.

  • Creating Your Own

If you strike out with the above two suggestions, it is possible to make your own. Structure it with your personal information: Name, address, and other contact information. Also include the school's information where the promissory note will be used for. In the following paragraphs state what the legal document is and who it is binding. As you move from paragraph to paragraph provide further details of the arrangement such as how late the payment might be and if there will be more than one. Leave a place to sign it and have a witness or notary sign it once you have the school's signature of agreement.
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Name of School

To Whom It May Concern,

        Please allow my daughter/son, ____(name of child)______, of Yr./Level - Room Section to  take the examinations for the __(kind of examinations)___.  I cannot pay their tuition fee as of this time due to ___(state reason of failure to pay).  I promise to pay the amount of ______ on ___(promised date)_____.

        Thank you for your consideration.

                                                                                  Respectfully yours,

                                                                                  (Name of Father)

                                                                                  (Name of Mother)
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I am working on a promissory note for a faculty member to repay a loan.  It isn't a legal document, so would you recommend the final wording be written if a notary will sign.

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