What Is The Difference Between Love And Hate?


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Love and hate are polar opposites.

Love is described as a positive emotion that represents passion, human kindness and warmth towards another person.

Hatred is an extreme dislike of someone or something - often associated with a display of anger or hostility. Hatred is seen by many as the root of all the world's problems.   

What's the difference between hate and love?
Love and hate sit on different sides of the human emotional spectrum. To hate someone means that you have nothing but ill-feelings towards them.

To love someone, on the other hand, is to cherish their very existence and always want the best for them.

Both love and hate can be described as very strong feelings or sentiments, but which pull in opposite directions from each other.

Hatred is the root of much evil in the world today. Many wars and conflicts are fueled by hatred - and hateful actions spread animosity, fear and resentment.

Love encourages far more positive attributes, such as compassion, selflessness, honesty, and courage.
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Love makes you happy and hate makes you very bad person... Love is to give, hate is to take!
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Love is to show affection and heart, and hate is to show spite and cold-heartedness.
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There is no difference. They both hurt people, they both make people crazy.... The two strongest four letter words.

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