What Is The Difference Between Logical And Rational?


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I would say, in general terms, "rational" people and "logical" people
are one in the same.  However, to look at this a little closer, you
might find that a logical person has a very scientific, based upon fact,
view on the world whereas a rational person is by definition very
reasonable and able to see both the logical and emotional sides of a
situation and find the best combination of the two.
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I think rational is thing which is epistemologically sound that is which is consistent, coherence, pragmatist and consensus.  Logic is more mathematically sound but rational is sound both mathematically and emotionally for which people get more benefit by rational thinking rather than logical thinking.
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  1. What is the difference between rational and emotional?
Aug 30, 2007 ... What is the difference between rational and emotional? ... Rational is when you follow logic, emotional is when you follow your heart. ...
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To me rational is you do things the way you feel and not thinking about the future that what will happen when you do this.

Logical is when you think before you act and look for all prons and corns.

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