If Your Heart Aches, What Does It Mean?


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It maybe mean much.Please do not head In The Clouds,and go to see your doctor as soon as you can.
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Hey, I don't know if its right but I was looking it up cause its looking to me too but god lucky

the heart is used to identify emotions as opposed to the brain which is used to identify logic. (thinking too hard makes your brain hurt)

The heart does however control the flow of blood through your body. And the blood is what causes your body to be pale, or make it feel like you don't have very much energy when you are stressed or sad.

If you are talking about the actual chest pain you may have, your heart isn't getting enough oxygen from your blood. The oxygen is being quickly distributed through your body to find the "where it hurts" spot that your brain is saying exists. Try crying, or taking deep steady breaths to re-regulate oxygen flow.
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Your heart ache when you have a broken heart or heart disease maybe another reason and gas can also cause heart ache

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