Everytime I Get Mad, My Chest And Arm Hurts What Does This Mean?


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This is a bit of a long shot, but it could be angina. That's a condition where the heart feels like it's being crushed by the breastplate. It can be accompanied by pain the arms, too. Angina "attacks" as they are called, are more likely in a state of emotional arousal -- like if you're really angry.

Angina actually also makes it more likely that you'll be getting angry; in itself it makes people grumpy.

I say it's a long shot because most people asking questions on Blurtit are fairly young, and angina is a condition that normally develops in mid to late life. But about 2% of people diagnosed with angina are under 30. You could be one of the unlucky.

Of course I'm not a doctor so quite possibly am talking rubbish... but...Would it hurt to ask a doctor about it? Wouldn't you rather feel stupid than end up with terrible heart disease?
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I've had angina, but yours sounds a little more serious when the arm is involved. Go see a doctor and let them check your heart for any blocked arteries. Don't play with chest pains or pain radiating down the arms.
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Mine do too! I hate it because I always have to punch or throw something to make it go away

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