What Is Gruel?


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Gruel is a usually a cornmeal or oatmeal that cooked in water or milk. It is considered as a thin hot cereal, cereal or porridge. In many countries, the Oat and semolina porridge is eaten as a breakfast, with cream or sugar added to it. In Scotland, it is a customary breakfast and is also called as 'porage' (it is named after the famous brand "OATS').

Gruel is also famous as a customary Chinese medicine, which is prepared with herbs like coriander. This medicine has proved effective for workers in factories and also to cure the sick in bed. In Ireland and Scotland, oatmeal porridge is prepared with steel-cut oats. In England and United States it is prepared with rolled oats, and is also known as oatmeal or oatmeal mush. In British Isles it is simply known as porridge.

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