What Are Signs Of "Being Smart" Or High Intelligence?

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The gifted tend to demonstrate high reasoning ability, creativity, curiosity, a large vocabulary, and an excellent memory.  Gifted behaviors consist of ones that are above average ability, the high levels of task commitment, and higher levels of creativity. Individuals developing gifted behaviors are those capable of developing this set of traits and applying them to areas of human performance. These persons require a wide variety of educational opportunities and services that are not ordinarily provided in regular instructional programs.

Generally, gifted persons when compared to their peers, learn more quickly, deeply, and broadly. Gifted children often learn to read early and operate at the same level as children who are much older. They can often master concepts with few repetitions. They may also be physically and emotionally sensitive, perfectionist, and may frequently question authority. Some have trouble relating to or communicating with their peers because of disparities in vocabulary size (especially in the early years), personality, interests and motivation. As children, they may prefer the company of older children or adults to that of their peers. 

Savants are individuals who perform exceptionally in a single field of learning. More often savant and savantism describes people with a single field of learning well beyond what is considered normal, even among the gifted community.  Savants are far more rare than the gifted among us and are sometimes missed in their diagnosis due to many factors present in today‚Äôs world.  With the frequent prescribing of mind altering substances to children in order to force their behaviors to conform is lessening the discoveries and stifling the creativity and often brilliance of school aged children. 

Gifted individuals, those of high intelligence and Savants are not as misunderstood or alienated as they once were in our present day societies.  What were once thought of as traits of insanity or possession are turning out to be autism, savantism, high functioning intellectual traits and tendencies that had not been recognized but rather shunned by society in general.
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A higher consciousness of the self and the world perceived.  Taking responsibility for yourself.  Not being dependent on the material world for happiness.  High ability to reason in any situation.
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People who are smart, catch on to new things fairly easily, that is why puzzles are a big part of an IQ test. They seem to be able to put things together in their minds, be it, words, images, associations, memories, etc... Some Autistic people are very intelligent, yet they lack communication skills. Adhd people are smart, yet they have difficulty focusing, and for myself I say Bi-polar people are smart, they just have a habit of self destructing.LOL but often true.
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You are able to come up with multiple solutions, for different problems of your best subject. The ability to think outside the box, and have a perception upon other peoples perceptions as well.
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Your ability to reason, your cognitive abilities, your intuitive abilities, your ability to experience things in different situations all these contribute to high intelligence.
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No one is born perfect, as we all should know. Intelligence is not what you know or how much you know. Nobody is born knowing things, but people are born with high or low-intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to learn from experience. "Experience is the greatest teacher."

Signs of high-intelligence are pursuing a better way of living such as having endeavors to improve speech, actions, and quality of everything.

Sadly, even people born with high-intelligence are not met to potential due to worldly items and events. Make time to see your day over and look at it from different perspectives. Self-reflection and analysis are some of the best signs of high-intelligence. Thinking is one of the most powerful things you can do.
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If they are in school you can tell a person is smart when he/she understands or catches on quickly to a new lesson. They will also turn in their work on time, but it won't be ordinary work, it will usually be neat and exceed the teachers expectations. But smart can also be way more opinion, like if someone says something that is higher level, people may conclude this person is smart!

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