What Does "Member At Large" Mean On A Committee?


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A committee member who is classified as a "member at large" will be elected or appointed to represent the needs of a base of people, such as an electorate or a group of shareholders. This member will, if he or she adheres to the rules, vote and lobby for improvements and reforms that reflect the desires and needs of his or her base - for example, they may look at letters or emails from shareholders before making a decision about how to vote regarding changes to a company or government's policies.

The best member at large will be devoted to the needs of his or her constituents, whether they are private citizens or members of a company.

  • Committee information

Committees are formed to look after the interests of companies or other groups; members at large are carefully chosen for their abilities, experience, and personalities. For example, some members at large may be involved with the group or company for a long time before they are elected or appointed as members at large. They will prove themselves before their appointments, which may be unpaid, voluntary positions, or positions that pay an annual stipend for services rendered, and time spend looking after a committee. There are different committee rules for different types of organizations; for example, a corporation may have more autonomy about who they put on a committee, whereas a government will need to be very careful about who is chosen to represent the interests of a committee.

  • Members at large are community leaders

In most cases, people who serve on committees will have very clean and proper reputations in their communities, based on service in a certain field, such as commerce or volunteering. In a sense, these people are chosen for their reputations, which enhance a committee.

Learning about corporations and governments can help a person gain knowledge regarding members at large and the general setup of committees.

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