What Is Imminent?


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Ruth Campbell answered
Imminent - likely to occur at any moment; impending.
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Muddassar Memon answered
The term imminent refers to something like to take place at any moment. Imminent is also the name of a well known Belgian musical project, initially known as Imminent Starvation.

It is attached proceeds of Germany's manufacturing and power noise record label, Ant Zen. Imminent Starvation was established by Oliver Moreau, who has been its merely element since its inauguration. In the year 1999, Moreau destroyed his mixing table, and distributed its pieces with the restricted version of his released Nord.

Hence there after, the Imminent Starvation was cut down to Just Imminent. Moreau takes part in a quiet a few side-projects and many other partnerships, like Axiome, Myrza, Amber, Delta Files, 2 Be Freak, Torsion and Urawa.

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