What Is Environment? Describe "Specific" And "General Environment"?


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An environment is a general term which describes the surroundings of a given person or object. A specific environment refers to a very specific area, such as technology. A general environment refers to all of the various factors influencing an individual or an organization such as the economy and society.

Environment when used by itself as a word most often refers to nature, all of the living things and non-living things which are a natural part of our planet. It can also mean an environment that is constructed such as your house or an office building. It also has a number of different meanings when used in information technology. A desktop environment means the graphical user interface on your personal or work computer. An integrated development environment is a form of computer software that assists a computer programmer in developing new software. An environment variable is a set of variables that defines a process and a runtime environment is a virtual machine state responsible for providing software services for any process or program while your PC or laptop is running.

Environment has also become a buzzword in the last few decades as people have become more concerned about the effect human activity has on the planet we live on. Man's carbon footprint because of the burning of fossil fuels causing pollution has many people concerned about global warming. Also, coal burning and other emissions from factories in places such as China where there are no emissions standards are likely to make the problem worse for the foreseeable future. As more and more autos take to the road all over the earth, more and more pollution is the result. This issue is not going away any time soon and will be at the top of the agenda of many people in the next few years.
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The word environment refers to the external conditions, resources, stimuli etc. With which an organization interacts. A lot of factors contribute to it. Specific environment is related to a specific area e.g technology is a specific area, that has to be kept in mind by an organization. A general environment includes all the factors influencing an organization such as economy, society, culture, economy, internationalization etc.
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Compare and contrast the general environment with the specific environment faced by a company

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