What Does The Name "Alissa" Mean?


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Alissa means truth or trust
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Alissa is a popular name and it has different origins. The name has number of variations like Adelicia, Ailis, Aleece, Aleese, Aletta, Alexis, Alicia, Aliceie, Aliciedik, Alicija, Alicija, Aliedik, Alika, Aliki, Ali, Alina, Aline, Aletta, Alisa, Alisan, Alise, Alisen, Alisin, Alison, Alisun etc.

The origin and meaning of Alissa are as follows;
1. German: Noble
2. Greek: Truth
3. Irish: Of noble birth
4. Arabic: Moon goddess
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Alissa is a variant of the name Alicia or Alice. Alice itself is derived from Adelaide, which comes from an old Germanic name meaning "noble kind" or "noble sort." In history Adelaide has been the name of several queens; it's not much used now though the variant Adele is more common. So your name has a lot of history and a very good meaning.
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The name Alissa of the English origin and definition is Of Noble Kin. But the name Alyssa means Rational and is of Greek origin. The name Elissa is Spanish and means God is my oath. The name Alissa is a form of Alice. The name Alice is English and means Of Noble Kin- just like the English origin of Alissa means. Alice is of origin of the name Adelaide which is German and means of noble kin.

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